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Backed by our extensive experience in providing turnkey solutions for our customers, we are capable of assembling complete cement production lines with an array of individual machines to meet unique customer cement production requirements. Shown below are a few production lines we have previously assembled.

Why Choose EPC Project of SINOMALY Cement?
  • Automation
    SINOMALY’s cement plant systems feature scalable, automatic solutions to provide outstanding benefits for next generation automation projects. With growing advancements in the industry, just a small, basic system can be quickly and easily expanded into a fully integrated and fully automatic solution to offer customers an exceptional value.
  • Electrification
    An industrial plant’s efficiency is significantly impacted by the major mechanical and electrical installations, appropriate planning, and engineering. Because of this, as a trusted cement plant solutions provider, we ensure customers receive the right technologies and products in the correct dimensions for their plant, and ensure all plant components conform to environmental conditions, as well as ensure a full implementation according to industry standards. Our electric solutions are engineered for safety, security, and the highest operation availability to ensure your plant’s efficient operation.
  • CPM solutions
    CPM solutions
    SINOMALY's Collaborative Production Management (CPM) solutions combine manufacturing systems to ensure a real time visibility, reporting, and optimization of the manufacturing processes.
    Our knowledge manager provides solutions and advanced tools required for the completion of collection, consolidation, and distribution of combined production, quality, and energy information throughout the entire plant via web-based reports, trends, and graphs.
    The expert optimizer is our process optimization suite and is designed to address complex managing operational needs. Using the available measurements to initiate automatic adjustments to plant control systems, at any given quality rate, the efficiency is improved. It is ideal for pairing with process control systems as it optimizes industrial processes in a closed loop mode. It can also be used for decision support applications.
  • Service
    SINOMALY 's vast global resources, expertise, technology and infrastructure are all key players for creating a solution our customers will profit from, and our references enhance our reputation.
    We supply solutions for life-cycle services and support for equipment within cement, mining, and mineral processing industries. With a vast network of service centers, SINOMALY is dedicated to ensuring your company receives visible results.
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