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Vertical Roller Mill

    1. Vertical Roller Mill for Cement Raw Material
    2. Vertical Roller Mill for Cement Raw Material SINOMALY produces cement raw material grinding mills in various specifications. These machines are suitable for grinding mill production lines with an output of 2500t/d, 3200t/d, 4000t/d, 5000t/d, 6000t/d and 8000t/d.
    1. Cement Mill
    2. Cement Mill Cement pre-grinding is a production process used to grind raw material to a specified size so that it can be more easily processed by a final grinder, turning the material into fine particles.
    1. Slag Mill
    2. Slag Mill The structure of the slag grinding mill is similar to the cement mill and raw mill, except that the feeding method is different. Since the composition of the slag is relatively complex, the performance requirements of the slag grinding mill are relatively high.
    1. Coal Grinding Mill
    2. Coal Grinding Mill The circular stacker reclaimer is usually used for pre-homogenization raw materials in the stockyard. The circular stacker reclaimer system covers a small area and can continuously stack and reclaim materials.

The vertical roller mill (VRM) is a core equipment in the cement production process. It can grind a broad range of materials, including cement raw materials, cement clinker, and granular blast furnace slag. SINOMALY recommends suitable equipment based on the differences in the grindability and abrasiveness of the material.

The vertical roller mill can be divided into various parts, which are packaged separately and transported to the customer site for installation and commissioning. SINOMALY can adjust the installation position and reinforcement strength of the vertical roller mill according to the actual needs of customers to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the grinder. The vertical roller mill produced by SINOMALY is also easy to maintain, any part can be easily repaired and replaced, and the operation is simple. The operation of the grinding mill does not require significant skill, it can be mastered after a simple training process.

The main faults of the vertical grinder include abnormal shutdown, insufficient grinding, pollution spillover, material clogging, etc. There are corresponding troubleshooting instructions for these faults. SINOMALY will provide the corresponding tutorials for handling the faults of the product to make it convenient for customers to use.

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