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Stacker/Reclaimer, Materials Handling and Storage System

    1. Radial Stacker
    2. Radial Stacker The stacker reclaimer can work simultaneously in different stockyards. This efficient and large bulk material handling equipment is applicable to stacking cement, coal, metallurgical flour and chemical products.
    1. Tracked Reclaimer
    2. Tracked Reclaimer The bulk material stacker and reclaimer can homogenize various materials, such as alumina, clay, ironstone, raw coal and more. We offer two types of stacker and reclaimer equipment, with a 300 ton/hour and 200 ton/hour capacity.
    1. Bridge Reclaimer
    2. Bridge Reclaimer A bridge scraper reclaimer can achieve continuous operation for the transportation, loading and unloading, and blending of bulk materials such as coal, ore and chemical raw materials.
    1. Circular Stacker-Reclaimer
    2. Circular Stacker-Reclaimer The circular stacker reclaimer is usually used for pre-homogenization raw materials in the stockyard. The circular stacker reclaimer system covers a small area and can continuously stack and reclaim materials.

Large-scale cement plants, smelting plants and mining projects have special stockyards for storing materials. The stacker and reclaimer is a large storage and transportation system for handling bulk materials, including transportation, sorting, loading and unloading functions. The SINOMALY can recommend suitable bulk material handling equipment for different stockyard conditions of customers. All these heavy machinery are designed by our engineering design team and assembled in the factory of Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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